Lius Baruch

Brazilian musician in Norway

The Brazilian from Pernambucano Lius Machado, born on 01/08/1983 in Recife. He lived most of his childhood in the cities Igarassu and Olinda. At the age of 14 he moved to the city of Orlando

(USA) where he lived for 1 year. Music became a part of his life very early on due to the influence of his father, Péricles de

Andrade Machado (Jacó), who participated in the young guard movement in the 60s and 70s. As a child he used to accompany songs by The Beatles, Dire Straits, Creedence, on his first

drum set, a gift from his father at the age of 12.

Soon after, he started participating in martial bands at school where he developed a deep interest in the subject. At the age of 16, Lius was already part of local bands, playing several genres and instruments including: drums, percussion, guitar, cavaquinho and double bass. At 19 years old, after entering the course of Mining Engineering at the Federal University of Pernambuco, music was already very present in his life. Lius also spent time in the Advertising course (AESO), when he finally decided to quit both and chose to study at the Pernambuco Conservatory of Music where for three and a half years, he dedicated himself to the practical

and theoretical study of the profession he is now in.

In his musical career Lius Machado has participated in several projects, performed in several countries and made numerous recordings, among them 10 tracks in the Coolimpcs Project

(CHINA 2008) 5 tracks with the Norwegian band PULVERHUND, Trio Brasil and more recently 3 compositions with the band Chakras.

Today the musician resides in the city of Oslo where he is currently working together with the band &quot: CHAKRAS&quot in the production of his compositions as well as those of the other members of the group. Lius is also the creator and responsible for the organization of the Music Festival & quot: One Love Music Festival & quot. Grunnloven jubileum where he performed in Stortinget, the city & 39s parliament, for the Royal family with artist Sarah Camille. He has also performed more than 1000 performances in schools with the musical: Spor av

dråper og rød nebb. Additional performances/productions.


Album Sol by artist Sarah Camille.

Audio-book of the musical Spor av Dråper.

Audio-book and musical writer and producer: Zuca, En miljøvennlig papegøye.

Founder and music producer of the Nordestina folk music project & quot: Oxente&quot.

Musician of the NRK TV show & quot: Sommer åpen & quot: with the band The Hitsters in 2017.

Elected among the 5 featured artists in Europe by the & quot: Brazil awards & quot.